In July, the excise duty on beer 70 percent of large manufacturers, small producers of beer excise duty increased by 35 percent compared to the discount, intermediates ERR News.

The largest small brewery producer, Enna Parel, CEO of the Nordic countries, said most of the small producers’ acoustic increases would not increase their product prices. “Sales were not remarkable because the small brewery Beer has historically been more expensive and they do not need those products that may be the first to expand the hand of the young, but he does familiarize himself with alcohol,” he said.

Finance budget chief Sven Cherry said that since stock retailers sell acoustic products to sell their room a bit too early to talk about, but market changes are already visible.

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More news portal mortgage ERR.

Postimees Ott emphasized in the press department of the Ministry of Finance Haywood, with the exception of the brewery pay excise duty at a discount rate, the Ministry of Finance forecast in 2017 a total of about 440,000 euros less than the customs situation point if they apply the normal rate of excise duty.

2018. Estimated volume of support of EUR 580 000. “This year, eight months, according to tax returns for small producers, the excise duty has already won 270,000 euros,” said Heinapuu.

In addition to the loan up to 4,000 euros , he noted that the excise duty on small producers on July 1 this year increased by 70 percent, as well as large-scale tents. On the other hand, this means that small producers will continue to point half (50 percent) of normal excise duty on beer.

“Before the increase in excise duty for small producers, € 4.57 tons of alcohol per 100 liters of beer and after rising at a rate of € 7.76 and the whole level of beer excise tax was before rising to € 9.13 and € 15.52,” said Heinapuu.

In addition, representatives of the Ministry of Finance noted that tax returns under the brewery to produce consumption increased by 19 percent this year, although it can not reflect the sales of each manufacturer.

“The small brewery enterprise’s sales prices remained stable and there was no significant increase in increased excise duties. In the first eight months of 2017, reduced beer consumption increased by 19 percent compared to the same period last year, ”said Heinapuu.

Most of the growth is particularly important in the summer months: the increase in June was declared at 54 percent in July and August at 17 percent to 4 percent. In June, partly explain the amount of excise duty before the collection, but in July and August, showing that the decline in the price difference due to consumer preferences has shifted in favor of small producers and their market share has increased.